Old Timers Jazz Band (OTJB) was founded in the year 1968, and it links up thorough its expression in style with the playings of New Orleans veterans and mostly plays equally the improvised jazz with the strongly emotional charge and sincerity which is its typical feature. It has won a lot of fans from the ranks of traditional jazz lovers throughout Europe.

In addition to practically all the festivals taking place in the Czech Republic, such as for instance, ČAJF Přerov, AJF Mladá Boleslav, MJF Karlovy Vary, Slaný Jazz Days, etc., it has performed on a regular basis at concerts in jazz clubs and festivals throughout Europe. The Band has found its attentive listeners in the Germany, Holland, Austria, Luxembourg, France Spain and they always do gladly come back to attend the Band performance. The Band's popularity with listeners is substantiated also with an award of the honourable membership of Osterode am Hary Jayy Club or the Dutch Epe, the organizer of the "Jazz Comes To Town" Festival regularly attended by Old Timers Jazz Band. Thanks to their sincerity and efforts the Band members manage everywhere and every time to invoke a pleasant feeling and great thrill form listening to the traditional jazz.

OTJB has also performed in many TV programs both in the Czech Republic and the Germany, e.g. Jazzwelle Plus in Hamburg, Radio PSR Sachsen, live transmission from the Jazz Club "Tone" in Dresden etc. OTJB program consist of more than 250 compositions, including the style range from ragtime, gospel, spirituals up to Swing Dixilenad. Old Timers Jazz Band is with its "Happy Jazz: a convenient variation not only of the jazz festivals and jazz clubs but also the company parties, ceremonious inaugurations of various enterprises, birth days, wedding parties, steamboat trips, etc. OTJB is especially suitable for refreshing motorcar races or car veteran meetings, etc.


Oldtimers Jazz Band Praha

Josef Krajníktrumpet, vocal, leader
Michal Zpěvákclarinet, sopran-sax
Jaroslav Zelenýtrombone, vocal
Zdeněk Vlasatýtuba
Petr Krumphanzlbanjo, el. guitar
Petr Zimákdrums
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